Rev. Lorianne Nunes

Holistic Healing & Wellness, 
​for the Mind, Body & Soul

An Angel Within

An Angel Within 

*Gratitude box: There is small Angel box that is located near the exit of An Angel Within, this box is used for donations during the gratitude events or at any time someone feels the need to give. Any donation will be greatly appreciated, as it helps with the costs of running the center.

*Class Cost: payment is appreciated at the beginning of class, prepayments are accepted, If you are unable to pay at the time of class, please just let me know, as I am always willing to work something out.   

As Always ~Thank you!

An Angel Within

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​Betty Ledo Devitt said:
I am so very proud to call you my mentor, and my friend. You are a very special person. Knowing you I am learning to grow spiritually and also becoming a better person than I used to be. Thanks for everything you do.
Nelia Petit said:
This site is amazing!!!!
Dottie Souza said:
Beautiful Site!
 Laurie D'Arcangelo said:
Carole A. Mann said:
Hi my sweetie-WOW-Love the new website-love the music-I am so proud of you--You deserve this-Love and Light-Carole
Kathy Baker said:
Great website! Best of luck!
Betty Devitt said:
Best of luck to our Earth Angel !
Betty Devitt said:
Can't believe I am just signing your guest book now! You know I am always in your corner. Great website!

Betty Devitt said:
Lorianne is accomplished at whatever she does. She is the real deal. She is extremely diversified with her abilities. Recently she had a group hypnotherapy weight losses soon that I attended along with friends and acquaintances, and I am proud to say that I have lost 11 pounds. For me, it seems to be portion control that is working in my favor. If you are having trouble losing weight you may benefit from one of these sessions. She can do an individual session or a group session which is less costly.

  Mallory L P Arnold said:
My friend and mentor! So happy for you! I look forward to many more years of your talents and teachings.